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Integrate Positive Affirmations into your Yoga Meditation Routine

Integrate Positive Affirmations into your Yoga Meditation Routine

Many people know that yoga meditation and stretching can be incredibly healing and soothing, not only for the body but also for the mind. If you love those practices, I have good news for you – I am about to tell you about something that definitely earns to be in the same category with those three healing practices as it, when practiced regularly, can do miracles to you. This miraculous practice is called positive affirming.

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What are these magical positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements that can help you overcome self doubt, negative thoughts and insecurities about you and your abilities. When you repeat them often and actually believe in them, you will start to make positive changes in your life!

Skip the gym and train your mind instead.

Affirmations are like a repetitive exercise for our brain, just like running and gym are for our muscles. But instead of making our physical body healthier and stronger, positive affirmations help your mind to become stronger, happier and more peaceful. By exercising our mind on a daily basis, we can reprogram our old thinking habits and, over time, we begin to think and live in a healthier and happier way.

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Cure yourself from any illness by using the power of your mind

There have been plenty of research conducted on the effects of positive affirmations and it has been found that spending time repeating and believing in positive affirmations can truly make you feel happier. Self-affirmation helps reducing stress and has been used to treat people with low-esteem and mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Positive affirmations have also cured people from a number of physical illnesses, from influenza to long-term back issues. Additionally, it has been found that positive self-affirming helps people perform better at different tasks. Thinking positively about yourself and your abilities can calm your nervous system which, in turn, can improve your job performance.

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Get help with your practice at our yoga meditation retreats and learn to live your best life!

The mind is so incredibly powerful and when you learn to use it for your well-being,  you can enhance your state of mind, way of living and overall health. At Mahakala Yoga Retreats, we run workshops where you can learn more about positive affirmations and the endless positive impacts the practice can have on your well-being. At our workshops, you will learn different techniques, get  inspiration and create your own affirmation diary. By the end of the workshop, you will have the tools needed to start your journey with positive self-affirming and begin to become the most flourishing version of yourself! At Mahakala, we offer various other work shops including yoga meditation workshops, dance workshops, mindfulness workshops, art workshops and so much more!. Join us on our retreats and find your creativity, peace of mind and inner happiness!


*Affirmation workshops are dependent on the retreat week*

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