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Detox & Wellness Retreat

The greatest wealth is health.​


About our Detox & Wellness Spa in Montenegro

Montenegro’s ultimate spa experience. Relax in a rooftop jacuzzi surrounded by mountains and overlooking the ocean. Enjoy our free infra-red sauna and sip on a freshly made green detox smoothie. There are some additional wellness and detox programs which you can choose to enhance your retreat experience. You can purchase them in advance on your booking page or by contacting Mahakala, or during your stay. We recommend checking the availability for treatments with us before your arrival.

Additional detox & Wellness add-ons

60 Min- 40 €

60 Min- 40 €


When Doctor Lemm is present, she also offers:

Alleviate pain and support the internal organs and any imbalances through supporting the meridian system – flow of chi (energy/life force), which heals the body. This is done with Dr. Lemm by inserting needles and a tongue diagnostic is done beforehand to know any imbalances as the outer reflects the inner. Acupuncture stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Get a health assessment for your overall health with Dr. Lemm and learn what you can do moving forward to bring you to optimal health and vitality. 

The cost of allowing your body and brain to be systematically poisoned by heavy metals and chemicals is enormous: increased risks of disease, deteriorating quality of life, increased medical costs, loss of cognitive function, and much more.

The main ingredient of classical Chelation therapy is a synergistic amino acid called EDTA. This is capable of attaching to the heavy metal and cleansing the kidney through urinating. In this retreat you can find out more about this treatment.