Stay active, relaxed and healthy at home with our FREE exclusive monthly guide full of mindful rituals, secret health tips and creative yoga and meditation guides. In the current situation surrounding COVID-19, it is more important than ever to take care of yourself, your mind and your body. 

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Connect to the moon

Our home retreats coincide with the full moon, as this time of the month is a great time to connect with nature and tune in with your feelings.

1 workshop to Get your creative juices flowing

We’ll walk you through a creative activity that will help you express yourself, make sense of your feelings and thoughts, and achieve a better overall state of mind.

Meditation & yoga Guides by our favourite selected yoga teachers

Inspire you to move at home through a guided relaxation tecknique or yoga flow.

Latest health & Nutrition tips to boost your immune system

These latest tips by Dr Lemm can help boost your health through natural remedies.

The Mahakala home retreat is really helping me stay calm at the moment. In just an hour, it helped me get back in touch with my creativity, calmed my nerves and inspired me. I danced along to music and loved watching others do the same via Instagram, and returned to my journal thanks to thoughtful writing prompts. I particularly loved Marijana’s relaxing yoga nidra at the end. It was beautiful and loving; I can’t wait for next month’s!
Megan Jones
Writer in the UK
I discovered the Mahakala home retreat when I was looking for a ritual I could do during the Full Moon since I wasn’t sure what to do myself. I loved that I could have a little “soirée”, from the comfort of my own home and for free. The home retreat provides you with everything you could wish to do: meditation, journal exercise, yoga nidra, tips for reading and even healthy and delicious recipes. This full package definitely helps you to connect with your true Self, especially in these challenging times when we can definitely feel quite lonely and emotionally overwhelmed. The best antidote to these feelings is to go inward and let go of the worries of the mind, simply allowing ourselves to just be. Sometimes we feel uninspired or don’t know where to start and then the home retreat comes very handy. We are all energetically connected and I believe that this beautiful act of self-care elevates not yourself, but the whole world. I suggest you light the candles, burn that incense and create a beautiful retreat as a gift for your soul.
Ella Somerovan
Yoga Teacher in Czech

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