This FREE course is all about empowering women and encouraging them to take a pause and love themselves. It is a 3-day series where we will touch on different topics such as creative writing, sensual self love rituals, menstrual cyclic living, feminine dance, vagina health, Ayurvedic & tantric philosophy eg.  We will have some of our favourite women practitioners, teachers, doctors and influencers sharing their powerful wisdom & knowledge so you can get in touch with your inner Goddess from the comfort of your home. 

Wisdom shared from our favourite practitioners, teachers, doctors and influencers.

Dr Vesna lemm

MIDWIFE & DOCTOR for womens health

Christina Macpherson

creative writing

Denise Battany

Ayurveda & Womens Wellness

Echo Geisel

Movement & yoga

Morning Marjolaine

Female Confidence Coach

Myriam Bakhti

Raw Vegan Chef

Hannah Devries

Movement & Meditation

Charlotte Jowett

Sexual Alchemy

Marijana Lemm

Yoga & Menstrual Education

I wish I could truly tell you the extent of how much your course has already changed my life. Self-love has been the missing component in my life for so so long. But something about your course resonated with me as soon as you introduced it a few weeks prior — my intuition told me I needed to be apart of it. I have been BLOWN away by the words that even came out of my mouth while doing each of the components. It IGNITED something inside of me! And I will be forever awakened, and change - because of that. I seriously wish I could HUG you (and I’m not a hugger) but I am honestly forever grateful that you created such an empowering course, for free. And for all the time, love and energy that has put been in my each woman featuring! THANK YOU ALL, over and over again
I discovered the Mahakala home retreat when I was looking for a ritual I could do during the Full Moon since I wasn’t sure what to do myself. I loved that I could have a little “soirée”, from the comfort of my own home and for free. The home retreat provides you with everything you could wish to do: meditation, journal exercise, yoga nidra, tips for reading and even healthy and delicious recipes. This full package definitely helps you to connect with your true Self, especially in these challenging times when we can definitely feel quite lonely and emotionally overwhelmed. The best antidote to these feelings is to go inward and let go of the worries of the mind, simply allowing ourselves to just be. Sometimes we feel uninspired or don’t know where to start and then the home retreat comes very handy. We are all energetically connected and I believe that this beautiful act of self-care elevates not yourself, but the whole world. I suggest you light the candles, burn that incense and create a beautiful retreat as a gift for your soul.
Ella Somerovan
Yoga Teacher in Czech

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