The Yoni course

cultivate self-healing & love or your divine feminine

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Let me guess;

you have been in a position where you felt helpless and powerless with your health down there. 

Running from doctor to doctor, feeling rushed and unheard. Tired of hearing ‘take this pill and this medication” Getting overwhelmed with hundreds of Google searches. Not knowing who to trust and whether to take a conventional or alternative healthcare approach. 

You might be suffering from recurrent and persistent infections like STI’s and UTI’s, uncomfortable yeast infections, menstrual pain and dreaded PMS symptoms. 

Or maybe you just feel disconnected from your womb and have the desire to tap back into your soft, and feminine side; to understand your menstrual cycle and live in tune with your womb. 

Or perhaps you are feeling embarrassed, insecure, and disconnected with your yoni & sexuality. Overcome your blockages and cultivate sexual energy, self love and the divine feminine. Self love & connecting to your feminine sexuality has the potential to be one of the most pleasurable, empowering, and joyful practices. 

Maybe you are preparing your womb for new life & need support building the fertile ground. Or, alternatively you have no idea what contraception method is best for you and you are feeling confused & overwhelmed with all the options. 


… is the holistic word in Sanskit for vagina, womb & vulva – meaning source of all life. Sacred space. The Yoni is both magical and erotic, a space of wisdom, creation and healing.

The course specialists

Dr Vesna lemm

MIDWIFE & DOCTOR for womens health

Dr Stefanie Tiverson, ND


Meet your yoni doctor

vesna-lemm-founder-mahakala Cropped

Hi I’m Dr Vesna Lemm, a doctor and midwife specializing in educating you about your vagina & vulva.

I am on a mission to tell you how important your vagina is. Every life on this earth starts from her. But I have realised that it is still such a taboo subject where so much shame lies. 

Even at medical school I was shocked by the lack of information we were taught on yoni health.

You are probably asking who am I thought?  

So let me reassure you that I know my stuff…

I have been a doctor & midwife for nearly 40 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in Medicine from Dusseldorf University, and have written my PHD in vaginal health & flora at Charite Berlin. I am the founder of one of the top holistic Clinics in Berlin where i have helped THOUSANDS of women with their vagina issues. 

Now, I want to spread this knowledge and experience to all of you, all over the world. You all deserve to know the information and knowledge that I have gained over almost 40 years in my medical career, and from my personal life as both a woman and mother.

I’ve been working in the women’s health field since 1984 and have also been featured & interviewed in many German magazines & TV programmes including Tagesspiegel, Sat 1, RTL, Arte, and many more.  

But most importantly…

I’ve struggled with my own vaginal issues…

… for 30 YEARS! 

The Yoni course is very personal for me, because I so deeply understand what you’re feeling right now. I had multiple STDs even during my pregnancy, bladder infections, menstrual syndromes, and more. I’ve dealt with so much shame, frustration and hopelessness. I ran from doctor to doctor, read hundreds of medical books to finally understand what was going on down there. It has taken me years of experience and research trials to gather this knowledge I have today. 

Since then I’ve taught thousands of women just like you about their vagina. But I wanted to make a guide that is available for everyone! Easy to understand and gives you the basics to look after your own vagina.

Meet your health coach

Hi I am Dr Stefanie Tiverson and your health coach for this course. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I am one of the course specialists. 

After graduating from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor degree, I began my health education journey with 5 years of study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine where she received a Doctorate of Naturopathy.  

My passion & specialism is helping women understand their menstrual cycle, not seeing it as a burden or taboo anymore! Using the hormonal advantages of their cycle in order to optimise their weight, sleep, energy, mood, sex drive and productivity. I teach my clients how to support their hormones, and how to live in tune with their natural rhythm rather than against it. 

Meet our guest speakers.

Marijana Lemm

Founder & CEO of Mahakala

Haley Cada

Menstrual educator

Yaya Samudra

Afro-Indigenous Herbalist & Womb healer

Lydia Reeves

Female Body casting Artist

Rebecca Wilson

Womb Healing & Doula

If you're reading this, it means you're either..


Women who feel lost with their vagina health

Are you feeling a sense of a sense of neglect and disconnect with your femininity and your vagina?  Are you feeling lost and not sure what to do about your health concerns “down there”?

Want to feel more comfortable in your skin & learn how to care for your yoni better.

If the idea of taking a vagina course seems a bit intimidating, that’d be completely normal! The yoni course is perfect for women at any age or stage of life looking for guidance and support as they explore this area of their health for the first time.

Women who want to reconnect to their feminine sensual self

Women who want to reconnect to their feminine sensual self

If you want to have connect to your sensual self, have a more fulfilling self love and sex life, learn how to orgasm, or how to have more and better orgasms, or oblitere the shame and embarrassment that so many of us share, then the Yoni Course is perfect for you. 

Our approach is holistic, which means we take into account the many different biological, psychological and social challenges surrounding sexual health.


More experienced women wanting to have a more in depth tangible guide

Do you know what to do but struggle with time constraints? Or perhaps you are overwhelmed with too much information and you’re not sure how to implement any of it into your life? We live in an amazing time where information is readily and easily accessible, yet more and more people feel lost and confused. If you are ready to take a proactive approach but you don’t know “how to”, then we can guide and support you in making this information actionable and applicable to your life and your needs!

Now it doesn't matter which one you are because every women deserves to learn and know this information! 

a taste of the yoni course

A total value of $5000+

30 + Video Lessons

Shot in HD video, where the doctors & specilaists teach everything you need to know about your Yoni. 

Resource Booklets & Activities

Practical resources & activities you can do at home.

The Yoni Course Facebook Group

Share you story, get support, advice, and connect to other women from all over the world. 

Here’s How it works

The yoni course is made up of 4 inspiring modules which include various topics with video presentations, printable slides, resources & activities. 


What is a healthy yoni?

Anatomy, vaginal ecosystem, odour, discharge & wetness


Yoni discomforts & infections

Diagnosis & Treatments 


Menstrual cycle awareness

Living in tune with your womb & your menstrual cycle


Pleasure & sex education

Sexuality & embodimnet 

Here’s What You’ll Discover in the Yoni Course


Our Promise to you

We have packed a lot into the Yoni course, and we want to make sure you experience all the content before you fully commit to it— I want to give you 30 days to let it digest and make sure it is the right for you. 

Try the entire course. If you don’t LOVE it, we insist that you get 100% of your money back. 

This guarantee lasts 30 days, which is enough time to complete the course. This means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it’s right for you.