About Mahakala Center

Mahakala Yoga Rereat offers a slice of calm, in an ever busier world. ​​​ Take time to slow down the pace and sink into our meditation and yoga retreats. All while nestled in a lush greenery of a mountainside village in Montenegro, overlooking the Adriatic coastline. Mahakala yoga retreats live by sustainable principles, giving you a safe place of love, care and comfort. Everyday life seems to become more chaotic and less joyful, overloaded with information exposure, societal pressure and normalcy stress, At some point,  humans lost there way as to what is most important. Mahakala retreats s trying to fix that. Wether you are after a plant-based, beginner yoga retreat or wanting to explore meditation and spirituality, Mahakala will be able to help with guidance and space to grow.We welcome everyone to our retreats, no previous experience required.

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How our guests feel?

I spent the most restorative week at Mahakala. Having had a really stressful few months, the retreat offered the perfect unwind, and introspective getaway…. I’ve returned to London with a sense of inner calm that didn’t disapparate upon arrival and a new skillset to deal with the stresses that come with being back in the city.
By my second visit I was more experienced, but I was still able to learn a lot at the retreat. It’s difficult to explain but at Mahakala they don’t just teach you Asanas, they really live a yogi life and show you in a magical loving way how to come closer to this way of living. The mahakala retreat will touch your soul.
Julian Lemke
Engineer in Germany
It’s difficult to put my experience at Mahakala into words. ‘Transformative’ would probably come the closest. I now feel so much stronger, not just physically, but also spiritually and mentally.
Aleah Steinzeig
Teacher from America